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There is incredible wildlife in West Canada. With its vast untouched wilderness Canada is home to many interesting and unbelievable sights as well as some very dangerous predators.


Angling is an absolute must when you visit canada!

Before starting you need to have a fishing licence which can be easily purchased from the Home and Hardware Store in Burns Lake.

You can also rent boats to enhance your angling experience.




Grab your paddel and experience Canada from the water. The cabin gives you direct access to the lake. After all what could be more typically Canadian then a canoe trip in an Inuit Kayak? Canada has the longest coastline in the world along which many animals use the safety of the bays and fjords to make their homes.

Canoes and all accessories are available to use free of charge at the cabin.


Burns Lake

Via Highway 35 North you path the small town of Tchesinkut Lake before reaching Burns Lake after a further 30km (18 miles). Burns Lake has many shopping possibilites.



Approximately 40km (25 miles) from the cabin you can make use of the free ferry to take you to the south side of the lake.


Hunting is only allowed with a guide and licence. We provide information on local guides and obtaining a licence on request.

Motor boats

Camp fire area

Swimming in the lake

Relaxing and enjoying nature

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